About the Department

The Aging & Family Services Department is part of Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG), that is organized to provide services through Interlocal Cooperation Agreements to the cities and counties of Summit, Utah, and Wasatch Counties.

The Aging & Family Services Department is designated by the State of Utah as the Area Agency on Aging for our three county (Summit, Utah, Wasatch) service area charged with the responsibility of planning, advocating and providing services to address the needs and concerns on behalf of 65,000 older adults by: 

  • Creating a multi-year plan (Area Plan) for the development of comprehensive, community-based services to meet the needs of older adults

  • Advocating for improved services for older adults and their caregivers

  • Providing information about available services

  • Coordinating federal, state, and other funds that support the service system

  • Coordinating with service providers to ensure that needed services are provided and evaluating their effectiveness

The Area Agency on Aging is part of a national network of federal, state, and local agencies that plan and provide services to enable older adults to maintain their independence in their homes and community. The Older American Act of 1965 created the infrastructure for organizing, coordinating and providing community-based services and opportunities for older Americans and their families. The Act created the Administration on Aging and authorized grants to States for community planning and service programs through State Units on Aging. Later the Act authorized states to establish Area Agencies on Aging to accomplish the Act’s purposes.

An advisory council, required by federal law, assists the department and Mountainland Association of Government in fulfilling its’ responsibilities.

All Americans 60 years of age and older are eligible for services, however, services are targeted for individuals with the greatest economic and social need with particular attention to low-income minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas.

Approximately 90% of our funding comes from the federal government through the Older American Act and from monies appropriated by the Utah State Legislature. The Division of Aging and Adult Services of the State of Utah is responsible for overseeing and administering these funds and contracts with twelve Area Agencies on Aging within Utah, Mountainland Association of Governments being one them.

City municipalities and county governments within our three-county planning and service area financially support and operate senior centers. Their expenditures in this area are utilized as matching funds to qualify for the federal and state dollars that we use to administer programs and services.

The Aging Department is also the planning agency for Title XX, Social Services Block Grant Funds (SSBG), which supports broader human service needs within our three-county service area.