Aging and Family Services Department

The Aging & Family Services Department is designated by the State of Utah as the Area Agency on Aging for our three county (Summit, Utah, Wasatch) service area charged with the responsibility of planning, advocating and providing services to address the needs and concerns on behalf of 65,000 older adults by: 

  • Creating a multi-year plan (Area Plan) for the development of comprehensive, community-based services to meet the needs of older adults

  • Advocating for improved services for older adults and their caregivers

  • Providing information about available services

  • Coordinating federal, state, and other funds that support the service system

  • Coordinating with service providers to ensure that needed services are provided and evaluating their effectiveness

Area Agency On Aging Four-year Plan: FY 20-23

Under the Older American’s Act (OAA), MAG is required to prepare a Four-Year Plan covering the OAA programs we administer.

About the Department

Serving seniors in Utah, Wasatch and Summit counties

Aging Department Four-Year Plan

Plans to best serve the needs of the senior population

Service Priorities

Priorities for services that we provide or coordinate

Aging Advisory Council

Council to assist in planning and coordinating aging services

Title XX Services

Social Services Block Grant funds for Summit, Utah, and Wasatch counties