Population and Demographics Data

Demographic data helps us understand each other. It aids in planning transportation projects, where poverity exists, were we can best service our aging and youth. Mountainland is the State Data Center Affiliate for Summit, Wasatch, and Utah counties. We produce small area estimates and projections to 2060. We publish census data from the decennial census' as well as historic data. Even more detailed data can be found at the American Community Survey Census Data site.

Population and Demographics Data Highlights

Future Population Projections
Municipal and county projections out to 2065 for the MAG region and the state of Utah.
Historic Population Data
Historic population is available for Utah cities to 1950 and Utah counties and US states to 1900.
Latest Census Population Estimates
Each year the Census Bureau estimates the latest population data for each municipality, county, state, and metro area.
2000 Census Data
Historic data from the 2000 decennial census. Includes age, gender, race, housing, income and commuting data.
2010 Census Data
All data collected at the 2010 Decennial Census for municipalities, counties, state and national data.