MPO Documents & Agreements


MAG MPO - UDOT/UTA Agreement on July 1, 2011.pdf

This agreement provides an understanding between the parties of assigning responsibilities in conducting transportation planning in the Utah County area.  This agreement also identifies, by reference, the procedures used in the planning process and identifies the decision-making bodies.

Performance-based planning and programming joint Utah agreement 2018.pdf

This agreement provides an understanding between the parties of sharing information related to transportation performance.

Air Quality Agreement.pdf 

This agreement is between the Utah Department of Air Quality (DAQ) and MAG Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to establish a mutual planning process for improving the air quality in Utah County. 


MAG Title VI Plan.pdf

The Title VI Plan outlines the policy MAG follows and shows the work that we perform to ensure that everyone is included in the planning process.

MAG Public Participation Plan.pdf

The MAG Public Participation Plan provides guidance and describes the MPO's strategies and techniques to inform and engage the public, to the greatest extent possible, in various transportation planning issues and programs with the purpose of maximizing participation and effectiveness.