Maps and Data

Mountainland creates maps for our various plans and programs from transportation plans, funded projects, geologic features, trails and transit. Most maps are interactive, click on a project and information about it appears. 

Mountainland is also the Utah State Data Center affiliate for the 3-county Mountainland region. We publish decennial census data, current population estimates, historic data and future projections. Mountainland produces the official small area population data for all the municipalities within the region. 

Maps and Data Highlights

Interactive Mapping Portal
Interactive mapping portal for all AOG maps.
Population and Demographics Data
Census, state and small area population, housing, and employment data.
Traffic & Transit Counts
Current UDOT traffic counts and UTA's transit boardings.

Funded Transportation Projects (TIP)

All regional funded transportation projects for the next 4 years in the Provo/Orem area.

Geologic and Environmental Hazards

Earthquake, slope, wetlands, EPA sites, cultural, farmlands, floodplains, recreational uses.

Natural and Other Resource Data

Information to help develop County Resource Management Plans.

Trails & Bikeways

Trails and bike-ways throughout Utah County.

Urban Growth Imagery

Google Earth Time-Lapse Imagery from 1984 to 2016

Utah Functional Classified Highway Map

Shows the highway classifications of major roads in the state of Utah.

Utah Legislative Districts

Legislative members district boundaries and links to transportation projects within each district.

Vulnerable Populations

Minority, aging and poverty groups within Utah County.