Mountainland MPO Recertification

Every four years MAG has to be recertified by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). This is required by federal law for metropolitan areas designated as Transportation Management Areas (TMAs). 

MAG, UDOT, and UTA are part of the Utah County MPO and work together on projects.

This year the Utah County MPO was recertified and it went into effect August 2019 and will last until 2022.

MAG, UDOT, and UTA were commended for:

  1. Raising the bar in sustainability by utilizing the INVEST tool to self-audit at the gold performance level.
  2. The TIP, which was visualized with a new mapping tool that is updated weekly by the UDOT STIP web service.
  3. Utah’s Unified Transportation Plan, which details statewide cost and expense coordination.
  4. Their innovative efforts on visualizing data for both the public and elected officials. The Utah County MPO worked to visualize the TIP, the RTP development story map and video, as well as environmental data.
  5. Efforts to engage the public via outreach with open houses and outdoor venues.

There were no corrective actions identified, but some recommendations that the MPO could look into include:

  • Project prioritization alignment with goals and performance measures.
  • Document public participation plan goals and measures, and invite the public to develop the plan with staff.
  • Develop a Congestion Management Plan.
  • Continue to enhance the MAG website to make items easy to find and link to UDOT and UTA data sets.