Reporting and Reimbursement

Reporting on project accomplishments is submitted at least quarterly in conjunction with expense reimbursement requests.  Approved documentation of expenses incurred is required for all payment requests.  The following documentation is also required depending on the project type:


Public Facilities/ Infrastructure projects

Public Service and Economic Development projects

Required Documentation Proof of income, race, and residency for all project beneficiaries

Self-reported survey administered by jurisdiction

Surveys and instructions distributed as part of the application process

Self-reported intake form administered by organization

FY 2017 Income Verification Form

FY 2017 Income Verification Form in Spanish

Submission With application With reporting and reimbursement requests (after grant has been awarded)
Other Davis-Bacon Labor Standards also apply. Click here for more info. Certain requirements may not apply for Limited Clientele/ Presumed Benefit projects.

PLEASE NOTE: Sub-recipients should refer to their individual contracts/ sub-recipient agreements for a comprehensive listing of all their reporting requirements and obligations.

Reimbursement Protocol

Reimbursements for eligible project expenses must be received by CDBG staff no later than the last Friday of each month.  The reimbursement process takes approximately 30 days from the time the sub-recipient submits the request until the check is received.

Brief summary of the Utah County CDBG Reimbursement Protocol

Please all reimbursement requests via Zoom Grants no later than the last Friday of the month.


Form submission or questions contact:

Michelle Carroll, Community and Economic Development Program Manager

(801) 229-3833

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