TransPlan50 Regional Transportation Plan

TransPlan50 is the regional transportation plan for urbanized Utah County. The projects and programs proposed within the plan area are a coordinated system of capital-intensive roadway projects, transit improvements, and pedestrian/bicycle facilities needed over the next thirty years. 

It has five overall goals:

  1. Update the current regional road system to a metropolitan grid-based network.
  2. Explore additional freeways and add capacity.
  3. Create a robust transit system.
  4. Build a regionally connected active transportation system.
  5. Preserve what we have.

These goals have been divided into a plan that is split into four different phases. Each phase lasts ten years and attempts to minimize impacts on society and the environment while providing for enough capacity and transportation choices to ensure the region’s economy continues to grow.

Comments or questions can be directed to Shawn Eliot, 801/229-3841 or

The plan has been amended and you can learn more about the amendment in this story map.