UVU I-15 Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Study

The Pedestrian Crossing Preliminary Design document is complete and is available to download.

The purpose of this report is to provide guidance toward a preferred alternative for a pedestrian crossing that links the main east campus of Utah ValleyUVU Main Campus University (UVU) with the west campus and the Intermodal Hub on the west side of I-15.

UVU has experienced significant growth since its inception and is projected to continue to grow rapidly. It was determined that a safe and efficient link should be provided over I-15 to better utilize land resources on campus and alleviate traffic congestion. This pedestrian bridge would allow the free parking to be moved from the main campus to the west side of the freeway, which would reduce the traffic demand on University Parkway directly east of the I-15 offramp. This area is currently prone to delays and is expected to worsen as UVU and Utah County continue to experience large population increases.

The proposed bridge will also provide a link for pedestrian and bike traffic between the east and west campuses of Utah Valley University and will provide a safe crossing for UTA users and local residents to the main campus.

UVU Bridge Layout

The pedestrian bridge is modeled to provide a safe means of crossing between the west side of I-15, housing, and UTA’s park-n-ride and the main campus of UVU on the east side of I-15. In addition, it will allow the free parking areas to be moved from the main campus to the west side of I-15; alleviating traffic congestion on the University Parkway interchange. The access tower at the west most end of the bridge will be located in the southeast corner of the existing UTA park-n-ride lot as shown in the layout drawings. This will provide easy access to the bridge for commuter trains, UVU’s free parking lot, and the student housing that is being built directly south of the parking lot. The access tower on the east end of the structure will be located in the northwest corner of the main campus parking lot directly south of the track. This will accommodate future building construction while minimizing bridge length and skew angle.

Ped Bridge Rendering

The preferred alternative is to build a simple box truss enclosed by perforated metal on the sides with a corrugated metal roof on all spans; except for the two main spans over I-15.

The two main spans over I-15 will incorporate the peaked roof design and will have glass walls. The piers on each side of the freeway will serve as signature elements for the bridge and will include similar peaks as the superstructure in their architectural design.

The towers on the extreme ends of the bridge will provide access to the structure. The intent is to minimize the footprint of the structure. Access to the pedestrian bridge will be through a pair of elevators and a set of wide stairs that will wrap around the elevator core. The stair structure will be enclosed in a steel frame structure wrapped with a perforated metal skin.

West Tower Rendering

For more information about the bridge design including more drawings, structure type, aesthetics, other design options, and more, download and read the preliminary design document.