Frequently Asked Questions

What types of volunteer opportunities are available?

Our current volunteer opportunity is for a weekly meal delivery during lunchtime. We also accept donations of birthday and/or holidays cards, as well as gift card donations for our seniors.

What does volunteering involve for meal delivery?

Volunteering involves driving to a pre-assigned drop-off location to pick up 810 meals. The meals are packaged in a cooler and thermal bag. Volunteers are provided with a route sheet with each senior's delivery instructions. Once the route is complete, the cooler and thermal bag are returned to the drop-off location. It takes about an hour to complete the route. You can choose a drop-off location close to your home or office.

When can I volunteer?

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.1 p.m. The last meal must be delivered by 1 p.m. most of our volunteer opportunities are weekly, but can be bi-weekly as well.

Do I deliver to the same seniors each week?

The volunteer routes generally stay the same, however, it can change slightly as seniors come on and off the program. We try to keep the route as similar as possible from week to week so volunteers can establish relationships with the seniors they deliver to.

Can I deliver on weekends or evenings?

Meals are only delivered Monday through Friday during lunch. No weekend or evening deliveries are available.

Can my kids deliver meals with me?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Volunteering with your family is a great learning opportunity for your family. However, an adult must accompany children to the door.

Can I volunteer with a group?

Yes, you can create a volunteer team with work, church or social group. Find out more information here.

Can I volunteer to prepare the meals?

We do not offer volunteer opportunities to prepare the meals. All meals are prepared by a contracted kitchen.

Can I deliver meals for community service?

We do not offer court-ordered community service. All volunteers must pass a criminal background check.


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