Meals on Wheels and TURN 

Each day a small army of volunteers donate their time to deliver lunches to seniors in their communities. 

TURN is a nonprofit organization that serves adults with disabilities from Brigham City to St. George. It includes residential, hourly, and day services, as well as supported employment. 

TURN Volunteering for Meals on Wheels

TURN loves serving their communities. For the last  two years in Utah County, TURN has volunteered with Meals on Wheels. And the TURN volunteers have loved it. On their route, TURN can only take five people at a time. It’s such a popular activity that the facility has to rotate their people. The spirit of volunteering has really gotten into them and they truly enjoy it.

A few TURN volunteers were able to share their experiences. 

John is always the gentleman when he delivers meals. Every meal that he delivers, he hands it over with a “good day sir or ma’am.” His favorite meal to deliver is bread rolls. And John’s favorite part of volunteering is carrying the food to the meal recipients. 

Brian loves visiting Duke, a giant German shepherd owned by one of the seniors using Meals on Wheels. Brian’s favorite part of Meals on Wheels is to visit and pet Duke. Nikki is another volunteer who loves meeting elderly people and giving them food. She has a favorite senior, Robert, who tells her fun stories about his time in the army. Talking with the seniors is fun and she enjoys it. The people that she delivers to are really friendly and she says that she meets new friends every time. 

Darren summed the experience up in the sentence, “I just love meeting people.