Aging Department Four-Year Plan

This original plan also identified all the assurances that must be met by the Area Agency on Aging in compliance with federal guidelines. 

The purposes of this update are as follows:

  • To establish goals, service delivery levels and budgets for the fourth year of the plan, FY 2014-2015.
  • To review the progress of the Area Agency in meeting the goals and strategies approved in the Four-Year Plan.
  • To make adjustments to the plan as deemed necessary to serve the needs of the senior population in the region.
  • To reaffirm the Agency’s commitment to assurances given on meeting program and service delivery requirements, and to give preference based on greatest economic need, with emphasis to low-income minorities and rural service areas.
  • To meet federal guidelines under the Older Americans Act so that the Agency can continue to receive state and federal funding. 

This plan has been approved and is recommended by the Advisory Council on Aging.  Once approved by the Executive Council, this plan document and budget will be submitted to the State for approval by the State Board on Aging in their May meeting.  Their final approval of the plan will allow the State to enter into contract with the Area Agency on Aging for the coming year.

The information attached to this summary is taken directly from the Plan, but does not represent a complete copy of the plan document. 

Download the Second-year Plan- FY 2017

Download the Third-year Plan- FY 2018

Download the Fourth-Year Plan- FY 2019