Lehi/North Utah County

Many residents of Lehi enjoy the bike trails in the area. These trails include the Historic Utah Southern Rail Trail. This trail has been built in three phases for active transportation in Lehi. 

The first section of the Historic Utah Southern Rail Trail is along 300 East and Cabela’s Blvd. The trail now extends along State Street, which was the second phase of this project. The next phase of the trail will be to build the trail up along the Point of the Mountain and into Draper.

This last phase has long been asked for. In 2018 it was cleared for right-of-way and is now waiting for bids. The trail will come down directly behind Adobe and into the Silicon Slopes area. Once completed it will be the third active transportation link between Salt Lake County and Utah County of the east side of I-15. The other two are the Jordan River Parkway and Redwood Road.

Currently, the plan is to complete the trail by 2020 spring or summer.

Central Utah County

Residents in Lehi have enjoyed the Historic Utah Southern Rail Trail. A study is now being put together to continue the trail further south.

Lehi, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, and Vineyard are working together on a new feasibility study. The main goals of this study include: 

  • Securing the needed environmental clearances to allow trail construction.
  • Developing the precise alignment of the future trail, including within the UTA property purchased for future TRAX.
  • Securing licensing from UTA to build and operate the trail where needed.

Once this is all completed, the cities will be more easily able to build their sections of the trail as the opportunity arises. For more information contact Jim Price at jprice@mountainland.org.

This trail would be the third major active transportation trail in North/Central Utah County. The first is Murdock Trail on the east. The second is the Lake Shore trail on the west. This Historic Rail Trail will be the third, covering five cities and going down the center of the populated section of Utah County.