Provo Canyon Parking Study

In June 2017, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) contracted with Project Engineering Consultants Ltd to complete a parking study for US Route 189 from milepost 8 to milepost 18 in Provo Canyon. The project was conducted to identify, analyze, and recommend improvements to the parking areas in the canyon. 

Following the inventory and analysis of existing parking facilities in Provo Canyon, the project team determined that improvement strategies should favor a higher parking supply to accommodate future growth and create safer parking areas with less congestion. Key areas identified for improvement or expansion are:

  • 800 North Park and Ride/Trailhead
  • Bridal Veil Falls
  • Frazier/Vivian Park
  • Old Highway Staging Area

Improvements in these areas will greatly improve the safety and accessibility of key points of interested in the canyon and accommodate future plans for the Provo River Trail Extension and potential programs with the Heber Valley Railroad.

Download PDF of Study