Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) has been serving the communities of Utah, Summit, and Wasatch County for the past 45 years as an association of governments. In Utah County, MAG serves as the designated MPO and is responsible for the creation and implementation of the Regional Transportation Plan which plans for all transportation needs including roads, transit, and pedestrian and bicycle trails for the next 20+ years and is updated every four years. MAG works to create a cooperative, comprehensive plan so that each jurisdiction can plan for coordinated and orderly regional growth. This means that demands upon regional systems are anticipated and the network is prepared for that growth and the system can function to meet the realized need in each area.

MAG’s objective is to work in partnership with local communities to build consensus for regional transportation plans, anticipate and project growth, ensure environmental and air quality standards are kept and develop programs designed to serve the overall mobility needs and preserve the quality of life that is currently enjoyed. MAG does so by providing technical assistance and services; conducting high priority studies that respond to the requests and demands of member local governments; fostering cooperation among various constituencies to forge a consensus on diverse regional issues; determining and meeting the needs of the private sector; and continuing public outreach efforts that promote two-way communication and enhance public awareness of regional issues.

Planning must be done with the involvement and for the benefit of all the region's residents. MAG is guided by federal Title VI and environmental justice mandates and strives to not only meet these mandates but to create an overall transparent, inclusive planning process. MAG is committed to making Title VI and environmental justice a part of its planning process, integrated into all its programs and plans, and a guide for its public participation efforts.

The Title VI Plan outlines the policy MAG follows and shows the work that we perform to ensure that everyone is included in the planning process.

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